Work week outfit ideas during Coronavirus

Working at an office setting during the Covid-19 pandemic doesn't mean that you need to lose your sense of style, but it is always important to place health and safety first above any fashionable trend. Health experts recommend wearing long sleeves and pants as a safety precaution, if possible, as doing so would most likely prevent touching contaminated objects with exposed arms or legs. I currently work at an office setting during the pandemic and although prior to the pandemic I would often wear skirts and dresses, I have now cast them aside temporarily and only wear pants or jeans-due to Covid-19 safety concerns. Not only that, I never forget my white mask and transparent face shield. Here are my outfit ideas of the week. I styled all outfits with a plain solid white mask , because it matches pretty much anything. When a mask is of a solid color it is more easily able to coordinate with an outfit. It also looks more professional for work. Luckily my job allows employees to wear jeans. So although I wouldn't wear them often at work in the past, during the pandemic, they have become my go-to ally and best friend. If your job doesn't permit jeans, you can simply replace them with black pants or white slacks and you are ready to go! Read below for my latest outfit creations within the pandemic:

Monday Look 1: Dark blue denim jeans, white button down shirt, printed scarf 

Fall is here so it is time to take out that leopard print and add it to your outfit of the day. The white colored top keeps the outfit professional. 

Top: Old from H&M. Similar here 
Bootcut Jeans: Old from Banana Republic Factory
Scarf: Amazon 

Tuesday Look 2: High rise jeans, red v-neck top and scarf

Keep it classy and chic with a cute square scarf. Even if you don't own this exact scarf, you can wear any printed square scarf with a top of a similar color as the scarf. It's great to use the items you already have in your closet to make the most of them!

Jeans: Express
Red Top: Old from H & M 
Striped Scarf: Amazon

 Wednesday Look 3: White jeans and black wrap blouse

Keep it classic in black and white. A super classic wardrobe staple.

White bootcut jeans: Old from Banana Republic Factory
Black wrap blouse: Banana Republic Factory Similar Here

Thursday Look 4: Red jeans and white button down

Add that pop of color to your outfit with a pair of red jeans! They are so sexy and stylish. The outfit looks best when the crisp white shirt is tucked in as this elongates the figure more. 

Red skinny Jeans: Venus
White Shirt: Old from The Limited


Friday Look 5: White jeans,white blouse and print scarf

When your jeans, top and mask are all of the same color--let your scarf do the talking and be the star of the show.  You can add any printed scarf to a monochromatic ensemble for a touch of sophistication. 

White bootcut jeans: Old from Banana Republic Factory
White blouse: Old from H&M Similar Here
Scarf: Old from The Limited. Similar Here