My favorite face masks

I confess that the  Covid-19 pandemic has had  me online shopping for face masks from every store I can think of in order to find that perfect one... Most masks I've purchased online either didn't fit me quite right, fabric felt too lightweight, seemed too big or caused me to get an acne outbreak. Here are my two favorite masks so far, but I confess that my search is still on for masks, whenever I get the chance. Nowadays, you can never have too few masks, the more the better:

My favorite non medical cloth mask: Sanctuary Clothing Organic Cotton Face Masks

Not only are Sanctuary Clothing  Organic cotton face masks comfortable, they are also fashionable.  I use cloth masks with a filter mainly when I am at home near senior family members, in order to protect them because I do have a full time job and am more exposed. The organic cotton face masks come in  sets of 4 and have a special compartment to add a filter. They also have a metallic strip in the nose area, so that you can ensure you get a secure fit.  For a limited time, Sanctuary Clothing even sells printed organic cotton masks, rather than the solid style, available while supplies last.  Be sure to check their website from time to time for these.  I purchased the floral and polka dot print masks during the spring and summer months and they are super adorable and feminine.  I enjoy printed masks when I am not at work, so that I can have fun creating outfits that are more care-free and comfy. Recently they offered an autumn print mask set, which sold out fairly quickly. Primarily though my favorite thing about them is how soft they are and their fit . It's best to keep shopping for a cloth mask that fits comfortably. I purchased different kinds from a variety of companies until I was able to find the one that felt right for me. As I've learned during the pandemic, not all masks are a one size fits all-despite their label. It's important to obtain their measurements if possible, so that you can be sure you are getting a mask that is not too small for your face.

My favorite non-medical disposable face mask: Public Goods KN95 mask

My preferred disposable face mask is definitely the Public Goods KN95 mask.  They have 95% filtration protection. It is a mask that I take to my 8 hour job and dispose of after each day of use. These masks are super comfortable. I found that most disposable face masks I've tried are a bit loose on me in general, so I add special toggles on each ear loop in order to tighten them or loosen them as I wish. So far they have done a superior job at keeping me safe at work or in  public places with possible exposure to people within less than 6 feet distance.  I also wear a face shield or goggles for the ultimate protection possible.