Coloring books for adults

Did you love coloring books when you were a child?

I recently rediscovered a wonderful simple pleasure --coloring books tailored for adults!
Researchers say that coloring books specifically designed for adults can help alleviate stress and tension. These coloring books contain very intricate designs, with smaller spaces to color. "The Secret Garden" coloring book by Johanna Basford is my favorite. Her coloring books for adults have sold millions and millions of copies and are one of the most popular.

"The Secret garden" contains pages and pages of beautiful nature scenes ready to be colored in with the  colored pencil, crayon or marker of your choice! The best thing about coloring  books is that you can't go wrong with any color you choose. You don't need to know how to draw. There is no right or wrong way to color in. It's so stress relieving and relaxing after a very hectic day at work to listen to  soft gentle music while coloring in a beautiful garden. As you sit and focus on coloring, all thoughts of worry and stress evaporate.
Amily Shen's "Fantasy Dream" coloring book also contains beautiful and fun designs to color as well.
Coloring books are a great way to also connect with your artistic side, express your creativity and to also play with the usage of colors.

Knowing how to pair colors together also comes in handy even when selecting a good outfit.  Why not practice color pairings with a stress relieving hobby such as coloring books tailored for adults?

It's soothing to disconnect a bit from the digital world and tv monitors and instead become immersed in the beautiful simplicity of a coloring book. Best of all is that you can even ask your friends or family to join in the fun as well!


  1. Believe it or not, coloring pages are no longer only for kids! Actually, adult coloring books are flying off the shelves these days. Why do grown up people start coloring again? They have many reasons for doing this. adult coloring books


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